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Saturday, August 11, 2012

We set up our space

The new school year is imminent. 

We spent today getting school supplies, 10 composition books, pencils and new dry erase markers. We came home and set up our space.  I like our space, so far. 

At the moment, our classroom is our kitchen.  We have a dining room table in the living room and the formal dining room in the house has been my studio for a few years.  I have my fabric, yarn, mannequins, sewing machines, embroidery machine and serger set up in there. I'm thinking about moving our school into the studio.  I already have decided that I want to spend more time dedicated to the art of writing, writing about food and all things crafty.  I can happily and easily write while the Banker works this year.  I can't sew while he works, I can't get into it because I feel the need to be more available to him.  More available than sewing in another room makes me.

I'll be honest, I still resist moving us in there because it feels like an enormous failure on my part. A failure that the sewing didn't generate the income it was "supposed to".  I think I put too much pressure on myself and judged failure where there was none.  Husband hasn't said a word, I think he truly just wants me to find what it is that makes me happy and wants me to hang my hat there long enough to let it make me truly happy.  The supposed failure is self imposed.  My jury is still out.

In the interim, we are set up, organized and ready to go.  We are going much greener this year.  Banker is writing questions and answers in the composition books, we aren't going to print work sheets, he's a teenager who is eager and willing to work.  He has the entire world available at his fingertips and can research and dive into anything that strikes his fancy.  He is free to explore and learn... and doesn't require busy work.


We are going to have an introductory week, a brief review of each class on the day we intend to study it.  We will make decisions about how and what we'll study and a generic plan for the semester.

The Banker is going to a CoOp this semester, 3 hour each Friday.  He's been confirmed for the classes he's taking, Volunteer/Service then High School Art then Spanish.  Brilliant.  I have to assist in class rooms, we'll see how that goes.  I don't mind the time but I am not sure I have the desire or interest to be a successful assistant.  If I'd been on the ball and registered him earlier, I'd be teaching a class.  The thought doesn't delight me, I'll be honest.  I will give it my all, of course, and do the very best I can.  I'll revisit the CoOp decision in December.  I still think I prefer the idea of One Day Academy but won't make any blatant statements until after we give this a go. 

We are going to spend time with MsZan tomorrow, which always delights me.  Banker can spend some live time with FriendH.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Then, apparently we're back to it. 



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