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Monday, August 20, 2012

Day one, 8th

Well, we're here, the first day of 8th grade.  Husband left early (for him) and the Banker is still snoring.  I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this 15-20 minute window of quiet and solitude before I go get the boy up for school. I think 9:30 is an entirely appropriate time to start, he will be done 1:30ish because we figured the days would be about 4 hours long.  They'll be slightly longer at the start while we get our groove on.  Although Mondays are easy for me because he's got online classes for those subjects.  I'm basically a resource to him on cyber days, I'm the manager. 

daily summary page
Unlike last year where I printed him out a weekly schedule, the Banker asked for a planner, like in school where I could write the daily expectation and he could write notes, comments and check off what he'd done for the day.  We couldn't find a planner we liked so we have a binder with filler paper and I'm going to a daily schedule for him, with the big three classes listed plus any additional information he'll need or what my expectation is of the work he'll complete.  This week will be a lot of review, some new work but in the physics and science video classes, he's already 1/3 through them so I want him to do quick reviews to get back in the zone.  I like that we'll end up with a single 8th grade binder that we will be able to use as review and reference and even though no one is checking, proof of what we did.

Everything is in place and we're ready to go.  It's Monday so it's Latin, Physics and Science, which is Astronomy/Cosmology and space, day.  Heck of a way to kick off a year.  I thought it rather brilliant to put some of his favorites first.  

I sold yet another rug so I am certainly going to be spending time moving my writing zone and turning it into a sewing zone for at least this week. I actually paid into the promotional opportunities on Etsy to push the recipes and tutorials so let's all keep our fingers crossed people don't want me to DO anything for them but rather just tell them HOW to do it.  

I'll check back in at the end of today.  Although The Banker has been a royal, colossal, teenager for the past day or so, I'm looking forward to diving into this adventure together.  I really, mostly, think it's going to be great.  The abject horror of being convinced I'd broken him has been replaced with a slow seeping fear of it, I'm calling it improvement. 



What a brilliant day. The process worked beautifully, the information was accessible in a smooth and fluid motion.  The Banker took a break and took a walk.  He read outside, he read inside, he worked, took killer notes and completely and totally approved of the requirements for work and of the followup.  We.are.delighted.

When a good loaf goes wild!
OH and look at this ridiculous loaf of bread! I added whole wheat to my standard sandwich loaf and then, well, I must have rolled it differently.  It is a different pan than usual, this one is long and thin.  The Banker moans about sandwich bread being too big.  Really, nice crisis, Banker.  Anyway, I thought this would make it smaller.  I am thinking not.  :)

The recipe, the normal recipe, for my sandwich loaf is here:

Also, by way of an update, here's the girls!  20 weeks in 2 days!  c'mon girls, we're READY for eggs!!  I love these chickens, each one has such a personality and really, I've said it before, there's nothin' like chicken luv. :)

/happy monday!

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