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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day two, 8th

The new routine, apparently, is that the Banker is setting his alarm for 7.  He is going for a long walk then jog around the block.  He returns to deal with the dogs, the chickens and then go have a shower.  He is making himself some breakfast, making a coffee for me! (and delivering it to me in bed) then being ready to start school for 9 or so. 


He is so delighted with the schedule, plan, system and format of this year that it's oozing out all over the place.  It's so delightful to see learning elicit such pure joy.  I do realize it's only day 2 but there's a palpable change in The Banker's mood and demeanor where school and education is concerned.  He loves this stuff and is, literally, giggling and humming while he works and organizes himself and his comp books for the year ahead.

How'd we get this lucky?!?!

We are into literature, grammar and reading today, it's the most non-online day he has. I have stolen the curriculum and planning directly from my dear Ms.Zan.  FriendH is doing the same literature and history and his mother, rocking the scheduling, shared with me the whole syllabus for the whole year! *motherlode*  

FriendH is doing his classes daily so there's 5 literature and 5 history lessons per week.  We are doing the one subject stream per day so both literature and history only come around for us once per week.  We are going to try 3-4 of her daily units in one day to see how it works.  I think The Banker could do all 5 but I want to be sure we hit successes right out of the gate.  Either way, he's stoked and keeps telling me how professional "our school" feels and how much he thinks he's learning already.  *yay*

My last holdout was wanting to find an online vocabulary add on to grammar and I found the perfect thing for us...he'll do 1 lesson and 1 activity a week.

After school today, 1:30, we are heading over to the Microsoft offices for a free seminar in movie making.  Cool!  FriendA is coming with us and we're meeting Friends J and Z there.  The four of them will have a blast I'm sure.  I may take my laptop as well to get a pointer or two, we'll see.  I may toss it in a bag to take along just in case.

I, on the other hand, am in the throws of undoing the 4 days worth of work to contain the sewing and need to get sewing some rugs that were ordered.  I am going to use the opportunity to make a tutorial on how to make them, secrets and all, and will post that instead of the rugs. I think it so very silly that the moment I make a plan to focus on food and writing, the error of my ways is so blatantly pointed out by the craft universe.  

The few dollars these rugs will generate I will use to take my mother to dinner when she's here next month.  She says she's not flying down to see chickens and be there for the inaugural egg because that would just be weird, but we all know she is (sort of) with a little bit more of us thrown in there for appearance.  The fun thing is that it'll be here birthday when she's here, which has never happened, so we will be able to spoil her a little bit and maybe have a big lunch party here with some of my girlfriends who adore her.  I'm really looking forward to having her back here.

Ok, that's what's that today and now, we all have our missions and an actual time frame, which never happens, so off we go, back to the grind. 


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