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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The organization continues...

After much fretting and worrying about being a massive failure by giving up a part of a room.  It really does look ridiculous when you type it out, doesn't it.  In any event, after too much consideration, I'm doing it.  I'm moving us into the studio. 

That formal dining room turned sewing room and studio is now going to include a 13 year old boy, a desk and grade 8. 

We are knee deep in chaos but he's excited to be 'moving' and I think it's going to be just fine.  I fretted about it all night, as I do, and came to the conclusion if it doesn't work, I can kick his teenaged butt outta my room!  Nothing can't be changed. 

I am downsizing, packing the tee shirts in an enormous, but accessible, box.  The machines are lined up, unplugged but I can use them at a moments notice.  The fabric is in chaos but in one spot, bonus. The yarn, hooks, needles, looms are also in a central location to be accessed at a whim.  

Loretta (my mannequin) is in the kitchen at the moment and keeps freaking me out. You'd think you would stop jumping out of your skin when you already know there's a headless mannequin in the corner of your kitchen but no, not really so much.  The surprise just keeps on coming.  I think she'll ultimately live in the studio with us but at the moment there's not exactly a flat spot for her to park her naked self. I covered her with shawls because I think a naked mannequin might be a distraction to a 13 year old boy, just a thought of course.

I have another mannequin, Phillip (don't even ask).  He will  also live in there with us.  He wears the purses/totes and bags I make and will continue to do so.  I am not going to give up sewing by doing this move, I just hope to focus it more. 

I've been asked to do video tutorials and to offer patterns as well as recipes for sale and for free.  I can make .pdf files while my son explores the universe in the same room.  I can talk to him about life and the lessons he's learning.  I can be available, current, interesting and interested.  I hope to be better.  I want to be better. 

The Banker is upstairs transferring his Lego world from an old wooden teacher desk we have up there to a wonderfully unorganized clear plastic tote, I think he's twitching but I told him he can organize later, today we dump and move on. 

I used the desk when I did investigations from my house, back in the day, and there are still investigative files in there.  I kept them for the requisite 10 years but I think we're pushing 20 now so perhaps it's time to shred.  You think? 

We did it... SWEET!  Banker and I moved all the furniture (including that desk from upstairs) on our own, it's a rockin sweet location.  Look how beautiful and pristine...  

Enter the Banker...computers and snack food and voila, science class on a Sunday afternoon.  You cannot tell me this isn't the best possible way to learn.  I am joyful about this.

Science this year is all about Space so he jumped onto Netflix to watch some documentaries about various space landings and propulsion.  Yeah,  on some days, as much as I think I've ruined his life on other days, I am beaming with pride and hope and confidence.

The other side of this room, however, will take me the rest of my life to organize.  I'm pretending to be working but need to get back to it.  Chaos can only be enjoyed for so long before it just gets really really old. 


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