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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day three, 8th

Well, well, well.  How beautifully is THIS curriculum, plan, schedule, idea, system, setup, idea working?  Yeah, sure, it's day 3 but yeowza!  The Banker keeps telling me how "professional" school feels this time.  *insert happy dance here*  I have to agree with him. 

My biggest worry, ok, not biggest worry because there is the ever looming confidence I've screwed him up for the rest of his natural life, ruined any chances for success, education, joy or happiness of any kind.  Besides THAT sorry I didn't know if we would be able to keep up with Ms. Zan's Literature and History schedule, hers being daily and mine being weekly.  Well, much to my abject delight, the banker flew through the week's worth of Literature, handed me in a beautifully written and need composition book and didn't seem daunted by the taking on of 5 classes in one sitting at all.  *insert yet another happy dance here*.  He said he felt he learned a lot.  He completely loves the formality and organization of it.  Ah, that's my Banker.

He will tackle the 5 classes of History tomorrow, we'll see how that goes. I have a reasonable amount of faith he'll be able to tackle it.  I purposely wrapped "elective" classes on the big work days like math, literature and history.  

He isn't too bothered by the knowledge he's doing in one day what his friend is being asked to do in a week but then it all comes back to the schedule dilemma of many classes for a short period every day or a few for hours once a week.  I think we'll continue on the one subject "stream" per day, he really likes wrapping his head in the one direction and staying in it. 

Today got side tracked a little bit because of some leftover work, namely the worst book report i've ever read, so he started a bit late then there was math on top of the work so he is going to carry over his math test to tomorrow.  I don't think it'll impede the day too terribly. 

The Banker suggested he and FriendH do one of the personal writing options together and I think that's a great idea.  I'll get with Ms.Zan about it, we already know which days FriendH will be expected to do the work.  What a delight being able to peek into other people's children's work load! 

We also helped FriendC and FriendA get some additional information for them to start the same math.  Two of the Banker's friends are starting the program he's 3/4 through and one has completed the next level,  it's lovely to have that resource available.  Friends helping friends.  Yeah, also brilliant.

I am in a tizzy about my various ventures.  One seems to be on the cusp of taking off and I don't want any part of it and am finding it difficult to be motivated.  The other seems also to be starting to pick up steam and I can't dive in until I finish the previous obligations.  Gasp, hardly the crisis of the century but still it's making it a little bit more difficult for me to focus completely. 

When I do get the rugs made and shipped, the setup we have here of us working in the same room, opposite sides is completely and totally conducive to a successful and fulfilling (for me) work space. 

So far, three days in, it's a sweet deal all the way around! 


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