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Monday, August 13, 2012

Day One (sort of)... Eighth Grade

Ok, here we go already.  Is it wrong to not want to start today?  We had such a huge weekend and it's 10:40am and the Banker is still asleep. By the time he gets up, showers, does the enormous pile of chores I have lined up for him and has something to eat, it'll be afternoon.  No one can start a new project, let alone new classes, in the after noon.

Public school doesn't start for 2 more weeks, why should we buck the system?  Who are we to jump into the fray so far ahead.  It's not like we have to get the 'test' information shoved down his throat.  It's not like there's a list, carved in stone, he must memorize to the exclusion of all else.  It's not like we have fill in or busy work to waste time through the year.  We get more done in a day than the public school, even the fussy homework heavy magnet schools, get done in 3, or 4.  Yeah, look at me talking myself around.  Sometimes it's good to be the Queen.

We are still moving furniture, arranging life and schedules, really, truly, it'd be cruel to start when we are so uninspired to do so on a Monday.  Blech. 

I vote we start tomorrow.  Tuesday!  I think Tuesday is a far better day of the week to start anything.  No one likes Monday and who wants to start a new academic year with a day like that?  No, I think Tuesday seems the perfect choice.  Not so early in the week to be a Monday, not so late to be a mid week Wednesday, implying the week is half wasted.  No, Tuesday is the day I'm voting for... all in favor?  Oh, that'd be me.  Motion passed. 

Tuesday, 14 August, 2012 is the day we'll start.  

I'm roasting a chicken, have oatmeal honey bread rising (a recipe I made up) and have a mountain of fresh Hatch chilies on my counter screaming to be roasted, skinned and dealt with.  We have a coop to clean out, a limping dog to nurse back to health and chickens to mark with dye so we can tell them apart.  Yes, it matters.

I just don't think we even have time to start school today, good thing I recognized it early. 


We finished the transformation of studio to classroom writing den. 

Sort of surround pics.  Here's my space, half writing, half sewing space, Yes, I do need to get rid of the creepy head, I can't think with that looking at me.  Phillip holds the bags and then we have all the Banker's school stuff, completely organized.

he's already well into it and loves the space, it's nice we don't have to stare at each other over computer monitors anymore. My fabric and yarn stash, although looks chaotic is reasonably organized.

From the beads, it looks a pretty great workroom.  I think it'll work for both of us, beautifully.


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