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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Schedule Weekend 3

It's Williams Bell day.  One of my favorite holidays of the year.

I was moaning to a friend about having to spend holidays with, or without, family.  We decided to invent our own annual holidays.  Both the families, husbands included this time, would spend a day with the other, once a year, the date booked a year in advance.  The first/second weekend of June was the initial date picked because Banker was in school so we waited until he'd finished his year.  Now we are free, we still keep Williams Bell day in June.  It breaks up the year and starts the summer party season with a bang!

This year it's here! YAY!  We had a lovely time last year on WB day at their house, fun, giggling, great food, great wine, great friends.  This year it's here and I just yanked a brisket out of the oven, 22 hours at 250, yeah, it's not traditional  but hell it's good.  It's resting and I keep sampling, in the name of science of course, to be sure it's not poison.  I'm good to my friends.

Husband will have someone to play with, Banker will have someone to play with (his best buddy, FriendH) *I* will have someone to play with.  It's all good.  A million toys, locations to play, a pool, chickens, loads of food, it's all very very good.

MsZan is bringing me copious amounts of home school information, literature, insight and paper.  I am delighted and cannot wait for the day.

I was up at 4, happily!  so the day could stay already.  Williams Bell day is sort of one of my favorite holidays.

Ok, I have cole slaw to make, bread to make and general flitting about to do in sweet anticipation.


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