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Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Schedule Week 4

WOW what a great weekend.  Friends came, we played, we worked.  I sewed on the weekend and today, husband worked around the garden!  He dug up the only plants I like at the house but whatever.  If he wants to kill off the pampas grass instead of fixing all the millions of broken things around here, truly, I could give a care less, it's better than laying on a recliner. I liked that he was active in his own life this weekend.  I need to keep that momentum going for him.

The Banker and I had a rough start today, stress and drama and annoyance and regular mother and teenage son stuff.  The day did turn around. Luckily.

I  ultimately got some sewing done and Banker came in and joined me in the studio and we chatted about stuff and life and fabric and it was good time.  We cleaned, tidied, then I cooked us a killer meal, then he swam, I watched and cheered.  Husband came home and was gentle in his distance, I needed the calm.

Math day today. Banker worked through a new chapter in pre-Algebra and didn't struggle.  Yay.  It was an "easy part" for him which I think he needed to get some confidence in himself back, academically.  He's just finished chapter 15 so he's half way through.  I don't know if we'll be done by the time I want to start 8th grade Algebra but he'll be close.  Excellent.

The Banker worked hard and straight.  I left him to it and went to do groceries, in a snit, and I returned to a tidied kitchen, laundry in, dishwasher running and him working hard.  Excellent plan, Banker.  I think he enjoys the challenge and brain work of continuing to work through the summer.  He didn't balk when I greeted him straight out of bed with, "MATH!".

We are having a party day here tomorrow.  A couple of my friends are coming by with their kids and the children will swim and giggle and play.  The mothers will drink wine and make bread I think.

I'm looking forward to a far less stress and angst and bad choices filled day tomorrow.



Playday!  No work, no school, nothing but playday.  FriendS and FriendM and they're bringing FriendP too!  There will be too many children and they'll play and swim and hang with chickens.  WHO, by the way are getting ENORMOUS, the chickens not the children.  The girls (chickens) are getting that scraggy neck thing, cool.  I love those crazy birds.

I made bread to snack on and anticipate making more bread when they get here.  I have wine and snacks, a pool, dogs, a hamster, a wii, an xbox and 6 chickens, there shoudn't be a bored child (or mother!)

Banker was less hissy today and has been basically helpful getting organized for friends to come.  Luckily, these are low to no maintenance friends so I'm not fretting about doing a hospital clean :)  I love low to no maintenance friends.

I reviewed Banker's math from yesterday and he nailed it.  I will have him take the test Thursday which is our next nothing day, I try to save one per week.  Free days not test days!

I'm off to cocktail and play with friends...spectacular. Banker is going to be the rock star to a 9 yr old and 2 7 year olds... they think he's cool and he giggles easily with them...also spectacular.


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