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Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Schedule Week 3

What a weekend, wow.  A busy time, loads of fun and loads of running around.  Loads of new people, lovely visiting and special moments.  I giggled and I was surprised by a kindness.  I liked it. 

Banker slept over with a friend Sunday night and husband I spent quality time watching Game of Thrones.  He ate, I watched.  He ran out to get himself a Freebirds burrito, I'm not a Freebirds fan so I didn't eat.  Random but it worked I guess.  

I have had 2 hours all by myself this morning.  I haven't had time alone since February it seems.  I need more time alone. I was about drooling waiting for husband to get out the door by 9:15am.  I swear he leaves later every day, what happened to the 7:45 am depart time?  We used to pass on the highway when I was on my way back from dropping Banker.  I drives me insane and I can't start anything until he leaves.  I guess he prefers to start late and not be home for dinner...for 4 years.  I'm not going there today. 

I've enjoyed my solo time and used it wisely making bread.  I like the feel of it, the process of it and I'm starting to think maybe I should give lessons...the kind where people pay me.  I'll have to think more about that. 

I am going to stop for groceries on the way to get Banker then stop to get FriendA to come hang out and swim with him.  He'll be over tired and hopefully not too grumpy, she'll put him in line if he is ;)

We are having today as a recoup day and tomorrow will be school.  He has to do a chapter test then do the next chapter and lesson review/practice after.  I think it'll take him most of the day.  He can use a good focused day.  I'm not going to let him whine his way out of it, it'll be interesting to see how the break has affected him, he'll either be delighted to be back into it or perish from the trauma of it.  Either way I fully anticipate spending time reading the trashy book everyone is talking about.  I started it, it's poorly written, but I'm hoping the entertainment value will supersede the challenging language and grammar issues.



The Banker slept till almost noon.  There's no work happening today.  I cooked, I cleaned I did a load of laundry.  I blogged and thought about ways to use the fabric I have to separate people from their money. 

I arranged a play date with people I really like and don't see nearly enough.  My friends, not my son's friend's mother's.  I'm tickled at the prospect.  Turns out the play has turned into a break making day, added bonus!  The only thing I like better than making bread is showing my friends how to do it and the only thing better than that is doing it with wine! 

The Banker, bless him, has wandered around in a daze, swam, snacked and is moving in slow motion.  If he wasn't 13 I'd swear he was hung over.  I told him he could take the day to recover.  Nothing like too much fun to do you in. 

We are going to watch the Transit of Venus online so our retinas don't get burned out.  See, I'm always thinking and taking care of us  *heheheh*.

Our party day tomorrow has been cancelled/moved which is fine, we'll work tomorrow and play later in the week.  Ahh, love a plan. 

I think it's cocktail time. 


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