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Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Schedule Week 5

It was a crazy week and then a crazy weekend.  I haven't exactly figured out how we got so perpetually occupied.  I think I like it but honestly, the jury is still out. 

The girls are getting bigger by the day, they are a joy, a delight and on the weekend, NeighborL introduced me to NeighborD after all these years of living around the corner from each other.  It's nice to have more people to play with ;).  NeighborD has a 13 yr old grandson who comes to hang out periodically so we are going to introduce him to Banker, maybe have them come over for a swim and chicken stare.  It'll be nice for Banker to meet more kids his age.  He only knows one in the neighborhood. 

I've also been thinking seriously about looking into the new science high school here in my neighborhood.  It's for the cream of the crop kids and it might be something to investigate for 10th or later grade?  Banker and I discussed it and we will go check it out next year sometime as a field trip.  It's supposed to be a lottery, the admissions, but we all know the smart kids get put where they need to be so if I wanted in, I really don't see any reason he wouldn't be in.  His old Middle School's Principal sent her teachers to this school to learn and experience what she hopes her school can one day be, that's reasonably high praise in my books.  Say what I will about the public school system, that Principal was all about improving her if she thinks this place near me is the bomb then I think it's worth a look down the road.

Considering I have felt too far away for anyone to come play with us, we have been with constant home company which is proving to be one of the best summers we've ever had.  Who'd have thought stay-cations could be so lovely. 

This week we have gatherings happening here 4 of the 5 days.  I wanted Math to happen but I truly don't see it working out until Thursday ?!  Banker is like me, we function best in the morning.  I agree that there's no way we can start anything even close to math related at 2-3pm, gadzooks. 

I think I'll have him start on his Tom Sawyer read.  He moaned at me that I asked him to read it on his iPad. Really?  THAT is what you're going to moan about?  Oh darn, don't make me read on the latest piece of technology, mom!  *sigh*  13 is not a pretty age sometimes.  First world problems really drive me quite mad.  I should go and buy an old tattered version of the book and have him sit and read that instead of the electronic version.  I'm just being tight, he has a Nook e-reader but I already have the book on the iPad for free and am so disenchanted with Banker's eye rolling lately that I don't even want to spend the $2.99 to get the book for the reader.  Bad mother or just tired?  I think tired...of it.  I will concede the point that I have it easier than mothers of teenage girls or multiples at the moment but it doesn't make it any less frustrating, though fleeting drama pants moments, they are still exhausting.

I'm trying to be crafty and get my Etsy store organized with the recycled tshirt stuff.  My store is called Tracys Altered Reality, if you search that I actually come up, it's pretty cool.  I only have one listing, the pixie coats I was making but the rest should be up this week, the t-shag rugs and pillows and other things that used to be other things ;).  I need about 3 uninterrupted days to work on this stuff, hopefully today will see a large piece of work done.  FriendC is coming to help me cut tshirts and Banker will be occupied with FriendA and siblings and cousin.  They ought to have fun, hopefully they'll swim and watch chickens and keep out of my hair.

The week looks like this: 

Monday; FriendC and gang - tshirts and working on prototype creation and completion for Etsy store. 

Tuesday:  FriendR and son - it's mother/son/mother/son/chicken day.  Visiting, floating, cocktailing and nibbling. 

Wednesday:  Rubberglove at the GW day.  With offspring, they can dig for tshirts and treasures with FriendE and I.  We will toss them food at a very cool local Mexican dive as payment.

Thursday:  NOTHING! (as of 9am Monday) 

Friday:  FriendS with R and hubba.  Mozzarella making day!  I haven't made mozzarella before and am really looking forward to it.  I have 2 methods we are going to try since were into it anyway.  I'll make copious amounts of homemade italian bread to use as a transportation device.  To get cheese to mouth.  I anticipate a lovely day of cocktails, cooking, visiting, floating and chicken watching. Husband is trying to get out of work early to come play. 

So, ready or not week, here we go!


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