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Monday, February 4, 2013

We're still doing what we're doing and apparently, I haven't broken him all the way just yet

I haven't posted because I thought it was becoming dull, the repeat.

We have settled into a pretty decent  rhythm now.  He still likes me to list the work by day in his binder rather than the singular list I produced one week.  He couldn't cope with the list of classes. I told him it was the same as me writing the exact same list but spread over 5 days, ok, actually 4, but he didn't have the interest, desire or coping mechanism to break it up on his own.  That's fine, he's 13 and at 13 they are still being told what to do every.single.minute. in public school so managing to get the Banker to organize his own day is pretty good.  I want him ready for later years and college and i think giving him practice with organizing his own days around the academia he is responsible for is just fine. 

We have finished grade 8 math and history.  Nice.  We are proceeding forward with the next Algebra level in math, staying with MathUSee.  I was going to swap us over to geography but I think we'll tackle world history.  Children in Texas aren't actually introduced to the fact there's OTHER COUNTRIES so I think diving in to study just that is a fine fine thing.  I hope to have literature done soon as well so we can be in grade 9 level classes in the core classes before the end of the "school year".  I like the idea of being about 6 months ahead of public school so we can take time off, work deeper into subjects that aren't his core classes and have a built in buffer for all things...  I'm a squiggle after all.

He is doing two online "courses" through and loving LOVING them.  They are Astrobiology and Philosophy,  most excellent introductions and ways for him to experience learning an information without the perpetual threat of being tested tested tested on every tidbit of knowledge.  Sometimes, my sweetie, we learn for the love of it, to better ourselves and to see if there's anything in the subject that grabs us, keeps us and gives us a need to keep digging through the subject.  I am going to keep introducing him to that which may delight, enthrall and inspire him.  

This isn't going to be long winded but here's the new list of classes.  I guess it's not new, this is the list we've been working for a while now and it's a goodie.

The banker's schedule of classes at this point:

Science - Glencoe book (pdf)
Astro Biology and search for extra terrestrial life - online Coursera
Physics - Physics classroom (online)
Philosophy - online Coursera
Health - Glencoe book
Latin - online and Cambridge book
Reading - Book and/or Nook
Photography - book
History - American Republic 1877
World Study - online
Math (gr 9 algebra) - cd lessons, book, online, pdf
Vocabulary - online
Grammar - Glencoe grammar and composition book
Literature - Glencoe Literature, course 2

As we finish some of the books, not core, we are going to be using ck12   for many of the classes.  I like that site!  A LOT!  Intro to engineering and technology will be the first we tackle then some of the sciences after he finishes the Glencoe pdf book.  Did I mention I like the site A LOT!  There are also brain games you can go play and just more things to DO other than straight read, write and move on drudgery. 

I think it's well rounded, interesting, academic and he CAN move the classes around to whatever day in a week strikes his fancy but we're not quite there yet so he moves the subjects around in a day, sort of.  I help that by not schedule the same classes in the same row on the same day... keep it squiggly, mr. straight line! 


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